444 Bear Killer
Cost45444 B
Minimum Requirement38 Strength
25 Agility
62 Accuracy
Weapon TypeHeavy Handgun
Caliber444 BK
RecoilVery Heavy Recoil
Firing ModesSemi-Automatic
High Speed
Expected AccuracyExcellent
Rate of fireSlow

High Damage
Armor Piercing
Wall Piercing
Dual w/ Katana

Space Occupied2x3

The 444 Bear Killer is a powerful .444 BK armor piercing pistol.


This legendary pistol, which origins were lost, is the most powerful pistol ever made, with an overall length of 348 mm, a barrel length of 237 mm, a weight of 2105 g and a maximun effective range of 1000 m. The 444 Bear Killer has a motorized cylinder and crane for quicker shooting and reloading than a typical revolver with two red LEDs on the side and uses a powerful cartridge. Ancient texts show that it has existed since the Dark Ages and only some lucky men had the chance to use this weapon. The Holy Forge manufactures only a few quantity of this marvelous gem and only some special forces officers and shock troops are using this powerful weapon. E.Y.E has its own stock, but it is still very limited.

A tale deals with a man, one day, lost in the forest, who was attacked by a very angry and wounded bear. The man managed to kill the animal with his bare hands. A Techno-Monk of the Holy Forge passed-by and saw the scene. Some days later, the man woke up and found a very strange and heavy pistol beside him; a pistol that could disembowel a bear with a single bullet, and that could even kill several aligned bears in a single shot. The fame of this weapon comes mainly from its unequaled power as a pistol, but also from its unbelievable accuracy. Its recoil, however, is terrific.


The 444 Bear Killer is a powerful pistol. It is capable of killing most humanoid enemies in a single hit, and is capable of downing the most powerful enemies, such as the Deus Ex or Interceptor in less than 4 shots, since it uses armor piercing rounds. While the 444 Bear Killer has excellent stopping power, it should be noted that it has a maximum capacity of only 4 bullets and has a relatively long reload time.


  • The 444 Bear Killer can be dual wielded with the short sword (Wakizashi) from the dual katanas, if the player has both equipped.
  • The 444 Bear Killer cannot be dual wielded with the Damocles despite the 444 BK having the Dual Wield w/ Katana attribute and the Damocles having Dual Wield with Pistol attribute, possibly being bugged


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The 444 Bear Killer is modeled almost exactly after Rick Deckard's handgun in the 1982 cyberpunk film Blade Runner, just lacking the second trigger.