Pic arrancadora
Minimum Requirement77 Strength
66 Agility
33 Endurance
66 PSI Force
Weapon TypeMelee

High Damage
Armor Piercing

Space Occupied2x5


The Arrancadora is a heavy warhammer worth 666999 Brouzouf, making it the most expensive weapon and all-around purchase in the game. It also requires that the player has researched the Distortion Hammer. Hitting an enemy with the hammer causes the enemy to explode, much like the Damocles explosion, only with a larger area of effect.


"With this weapon, the Forge created an engine of incomparable devastation power and strength. The first hammer was created so long ago no one can remember... At the beginning, this weapon used some kind of nuclear fusion technology, but very soon distortion versions appeared. Only a few other weapon-manufacturers ever managed to reproduce it, and some rare copies are above the level of the originals. Its name only is sufficient to make any warrior shudder. This massive and heavy hammer integrates a powerful distortion engine; when the hammer hits its target, a powerful explosion is freed from the weapon, grinding its target to mere dust.

Only a very powerful and experimented warrior can use this weapon, because of its weight and the powerful explosion it generates on impact. This weapon is often used by heavy federal troops and also by warriors from E.Y.E. "


  • Arrancadora de Tripas is Spanish for "gut ripper".

Bugs Edit

  • Even though the description shows a strength requirement of 44 strength, when a buy is attempted it notes a strength requirement of 77 strength.