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Secreta Secretorum

Sub Faction

Jian Shang Di

Asmadai is the cyber implants dealer in Secreta's HQ.

Shop inventory[edit | edit source]

Icon cybercloak.png Cyber Cloak
Toggles Cyber Cloak on and off.

The Cyber Cloak renders the player invisible.
Taking damage or attacking will deactivate the cloak.
Using a Medkit, hacking, picking up/throwing an object, reloading, running and jumping will not.

Drains Energy when active.

Costs: 7590 B
Requires: 30 Hacking, 30 Endurance

Icon eyevision.png EYE Vision
Toggles EYE Vision on and off.

EYE Vision (aka Cyber Vision) renders everything in sepia tones but specifically highlights entities with cybernetic enhancements, even under conditions where your normal vision wouldn't spot them, for example in the dark or at great distances, though not through fog. Metastreumonic creatures will not appear very clear and Carnophages will be completely invisible.

Drains Energy when active.

Costs: 12999 B
Requires: 35 Hacking, Cyber Eyes

Icon sensitivewave.png Sensitive Wave
Enables Sensitive Wave.

Sensitive Wave allows the player to see enemies clearly through walls for 5 seconds. While enemies become clearer, the environment becomes harder to see. It is the most expensive Action as well as the Action that consumes the largest amount of energy in the shortest amount of time.

Energy Consumption: Consumes energy when cast. Energy starts regenerating immediately.

Costs: 69999 B
Requires: 45 Hacking, 36 Endurance, Research

Icon soundtriangulator.png Sound Triangulator
Toggles Sound Triangulator on and off.

Sound Triangulator renders your vision gray-scale and blurry while highlighting entities in yellow; if those entities are making noise (through walking, for example) a triangular icon appears at their feet and is visible through walls, distance determined by the level of its related implant.

Drains Energy when active.

Costs: 14700 B
Requires: 38 Hacking

Icon targetingsystem.png Targeting System
Toggles Targeting System on and off.

The Targeting System makes your accuracy unaffected by any action you take, including running, jumping or firing your weapon. Your targeting reticule and the spread of the weapon will remain the same, allowing for precision full-auto attacks from even the HS 010 and the Sulfatum at great distances. This power also offers a bonus to accuracy when activated, depending on your CyberTech Implants.

Drains Energy when active.

Costs: 32650 B
Requires: 25 Hacking, 22 Endurance, 42 Accuracy

Icon dermalshealth.png Dermal Shealth
Toggles Dermal Shealth on and off.

Dermal Shealth hardens your skin, making it close to indestructible. It even protects you from damage that normally would bypass your normal armor and resistances, such as explosive damage.

Drains Energy when active and a little bit when you take damage.

Costs: 45999 B
Requires: 18 Hacking, 45 Endurance

Icon powerconversion.png Power Conversion
Damages player, gives energy in return.

Power Conversion converts a small bit of your health into a larger bit of energy.

Health Consumption: Consumes health when cast.

Costs: 17000 B
Requires: 36 Hacking, 35 Endurance, Research

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