The Carnophage is a werewolf-like creature that first appears when defending a gate in the Forgotten Center.

Talking to Orionos reveals that the Carnophage may be able to regenerate its health if it's not killed quickly.

Those who have obtained the Invocation Action and have a high PSI Force level can make a Carnophage spawn inside of an enemy, making them explode. The Carnophage will instantly attack its enemies, including the player.

The player encounters a talking Carnophage on the mission to Mars, in a room in the underground temple near the King.

Related ResearchEdit

The research project 'Carnophage Corpse' says that "It seems to live for only one goal: destruction". Its muscular tissues allowed E.Ψ.Ǝ to develop biotech tissues that increase strength.


  • The talking Carnophage found on Mars is most likely a joke, offering you to join the "cause of nature" and fight for the metasteumonic force, betraying Commander Rimanah. This is a reference to the Federation and the Mentor also offering you to join them. (The dead King also offers to let you join him)