Actions can be performed ingame : they are skills like Hacking, or PSI powers like POLYCLONIAL.

They can divided into 5 categories : My Actions, Cyber Control, PSI powers, Drone, and the Weapon Interface. At any time, you may access the full list of actions by pressing "c" in-game; this will bring up the list, with unlearned actions greyed out.

By default, you begin with all "My Actions" and "Weapon Interface" abilities unlocked. Abilities under Cyber Control must be unlocked by purchasing implants at your HQ's medical bay, while PSI Force abilities are purchasable in the library. Drone abilities are unlocked after you've purchased the drone and currently hold that drone in your inventory.

There are two known actions that are not explained in the game itself to any degree:

  • PSI Strike
By holding shift and clicking the left mouse button, the player shoves his palm forward and emits a small blast of energy that can severely damage foes, if not outright kill most of them with a single strike. This ability costs energy and is likely psi related. However the strike doesn't seem to have any significant effect on shielded enemies.
  • Weapon Defense
Activated by holding shift and pressing the right mouse button, causing the player to raise their gun (With melee weapons they might simply block, other items may cause no action) in a defensive position in front of them, blocking their face. With smaller weapons the effect is negligable, while with larger weapons (such as the minigun) you can turn the weapon into an effective impromptu shield.

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