This article contains plot Spoilers wich might ruin certain details of the story to certain players.

E.Y.E characters generally belong to one of the three main groups in the game world:

  • The Federation - A corrupt police force that seek to subdue the populace and oppose the Looters and Secretal.
  • The Secreta - A secretive group of psi-cybernetic asassins that oppose the Federation.
  • Looters/Bandits - Criminals and criminal organisations/gangs that oppose the Federation and sometimes cross paths with the Secreta.

The player is able to interact with characters or NPCs (Non Playable Characters) to receive new quests or to advance the main story. Certain dialogues may award bonus exp or turn someone neutral into an friend or enemy.

Characters Belonging to the Federation [edit | edit source]

Characters Belonging to the Secreta[edit | edit source]

Culter Dei

Jian Shang Di

Characters Belonging to the Looters/Bandits[edit | edit source]

Others[edit | edit source]

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