Classes are selected based on how a player assigns skill points to his stats. All players start as an Equilibrium Fist, but you may not want to be an Equilibrium Fist for very long. If you don't then you can pick one or two stats to pump points into.

It's worth noting classes don't confer any benefits outside the skill investment to get them, they are merely a shorthand way of describing a build to somebody else.

If you choose:

  • Strength - Warrior, Weapon Master, Divine Warrior
  • PSI - Adept, Psyker, Daemon's Impious Palm
  • Endurance - Protecter, Guardian, Divine Rampart
  • Medicine - Apothecary, Healer, Thaumaturge
  • Accuracy - Armed Arm, Marksman, Divine Lightning
  • Hacking - Hacker, Hack Master, Puppet Master
  • Agility - Scout, Shadow Strider, Death Wind
  • Hacking & PSI - Cybermancer, Necrocybermancer, Cyber Demiurge

If you divide your stats evenly you will have:

  • Equilibrium Fist, Equilibrium Lord, Gray Master

Note[edit | edit source]

For each stat distribution there are three possible classes. Whether a character qualifies for the higher classes is determined by his level. The relevant breakpoints are 25 and 50. E.g. a character who never specializes will be promoted from Equilibrium Fist to Equilibrium Lord at level 25 and will become a Gray Master at level 50.

Note the requirements for being in the equilibrium line is somewhat broad, having most of your skills be reasonably good and one very specialized might mean you are still an equilibrium fist even if that specialized skill is nearly double most of your others. To make sure you get a class you must heavily invest in your chosen skills and also factor in research skill buffs.

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