These are the default controls and their Console Variables.

Interface Key/Button Console Variable
Quick Actions C +vguiselection
Display Briefing/Score TAB +showscores
Movement Key/Button Console Variable
Move Forward W +forward
Move Backwards S +back
Move Left (strafe) A +moveleft
Move Right (strafe) D +moveright
Sprint/Cyber Boost Sprint SHIFT +speed
Jump SPACE +jump
Duck/Crouch CTRL +duck
Lean Left Q +leanl
Lean Right E +leanr
Combat Special Key/Button Console Variable
Change Fire Mode F +firemode
Use PSI Force Z impulse 218
Next PSI Force X impulse 216
Special Action Key/Button Console Variable
Use/Interact ENTER +use
Combat Key/Button Console Variable
Primary Attack MOUSE1 +attack
Aim/Parry/Alt Fire MOUSE2 +attack2
Reload Weapon R +reload
Weapon Category 1 1 slot1
Weapon Category 2 2 slot2
Weapon Category 3 3 slot3
Weapon Category 4 4 slot4
Weapon Category 5 5 slot5
Weapon Category 6 6 slot6
Previous Weapon MWHEELDOWN invnext
Next Weapon MWHEELUP invprev
Last Weapon Used lastinv
Interface Shortcuts Key/Button Console Variable
Character Menu B +vguieyepanel
Toggle Hud impulse 217
Actions Menu , +vguiselect
Show Tutorial Interface T impulse 223
Special Shortcuts Key/Button Console Variable
Maintenance/Stop Bleeding V +surgeon
Flashlight G impulse 100
Cyber Shortcuts Key/Button Console Variable
Toggle Cyber Vision impulse 206
Sensitive Wave impulse 207
Toggle Sound Triangulator impulse 208
Toggle Boost Jump impulse 209
Toggle Cloak impulse 210
Targeting System impulse 220
Dermal Shealth impulse 221
Power Conversion impulse 222
Ghost impulse 227
PSI Force Shortcuts Key/Button Console Variable
Beast Invocation impulse 211
Polycloning impulse 212
Transmutation impulse 213
Madness impulse 214
Dragon's Breath impulse 215
Triangular Gate impulse 224
Hypnotic Gate impulse 225
Substitution Gate impulse 226
Alchemy impulse 228
Communication Key/Button Console Variable
Use Voice Communication K +voicerecord
Chat Message Y +messagemode
Team Message U +messagemode2
Miscellaneous Key/Button Console Variable
Take Screenshot jpeg
Quit Game quit
Misc Movement Key/Button Console Variable
Walk (Move Slowly) +walk
Turn Left +left
Turn Right +right
Look Up PGUP +lookup
Look Down PGDN +lookdown
Strafe Modifier +strafe
Keyboard Look Modifier INS +klook