Culter Dei
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Group of psi-cybernetic warrior monks




New Eden

The Culter Dei are one of the two organisations composed of psi-cybernetic warrior monks that make up E.Y.E. The player, in the lore, is one of their many members.


They are dedicated to protect humanity from the meta-streumonic forces, as well as the obligation to accomplish any orders given to them by the Secreta Secretorum. The Culter Dei members wear armor reminiscent of Medieval Europe with styles originally driven from that of ancient Europe, specifically Roman or Greek.

They are largely opposed to their sister faction, the Jian Shang Di, mainly for reasons of power and control of the entirety of E.Y.E and a different set of ideological views. Internal power struggles aside however, the Culter Dei does everything within their power to push forward the final goal of Secreta Secretorum: To execute a coup in order to remove the Federation from power.

Notable membersEdit