Pic depezador
Weapon TypeShotgun
CaliberGauge 12
Firing ModesSemi-Automatic
Expected AccuracyGood
Rate of fireAverage
Damages32-45 per G

Wall Piercing
Large Magazine

Space Occupied2x4


The Depezador is your typical pump action shotgun, albiet with a drum magazine rather than a tube. The spread on the weapon is reminiscent of a shotgun with a choke, allowing it to hit with the majority of pellets even at relatively long ranges. It is favored by both federal police and looters, while enemies carrying one tend to be extremely aggressive to the point of suicidal.

The Depezador is an effective and efficient weapon against most creatures and unarmored foes, often requiring only a single shot. However, this weapon is largely useless against armored targets unless the opponent is shot in the head. Even then the damage of each individual pellet may not be enough to penetrate armor effectively. The weapon seems to be more accurate (the pellet spread is tighter) when the ironsights are used.


"Few years before SLM's bankrupt and closure during the Dark Ages, they created the Depezador, a very powerful shotgun. This shotgun has, without a doubt, and incredible fire power and a destructive efficiency. It was very appreciated by all kinds of security forces during its time. The Depezador also found its clients in criminal groups as well as in assault forces.

Currently, it has been used by federal forces and also by E.Y.E. Its high-capacity ammo clip has a large role in this choice."