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Culter Dei light armor
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Strange Cave
Noctis Labyrinthus

Captain Dutch is an important member of the Culter Dei and the first character the player meets.


When you emerge from the cave below, Dutch reveals that he is there to bring you up to speed on the situation and lead you to the extraction point so that you may flee from the imminent attack of the federal police force. In order to help the player in their task, he has deployed a mobile armory which is the first of many the player encounters in the game.

When spoken to he will tell you that he cannot follow you to the extraction point as his objective is to secure evidence from the cave and seal the place up once he is done. Whether Dutch succeeds or fails in his task is unknown, but seeing as the player meets him later in the game (this time wearing a heavy Culter Dei armor), it is probable that he succeeded and somehow got back to the Temple in one piece.

This article contains plot Spoilers wich might ruin certain details of the story to certain players.

It is confirmed that he will eventually die during the start of the Mars mission, killed by an Federal Interceptor. The player will later take on the lead of operations, replacing him.


  • If the player fails to protect Dutch in the factory mission, commander Rimanah immediately orders the player to destroy the base and proceed to Mars, as Dutch is slain. Despite this, Dutch is present on Mars, and his greeting becomes slightly more ironic: "So we meet again sooner than expected!"
  • Dutch has an aversion to turrets and if the player manages to bring a friendly turret from the cave into the room above where Dutch waits, he will attempt to grenade the turret and crouch, but will otherwise remain friendly.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The name "Dutch" could be a reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger's character major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer from the 1987 science fiction action film Predator.