This page aims to present a list of the main bugs (or gameplay flaws).

List of Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Crash with 32bit devices (PATCHED)

The 32 bits are more likely to crash than the 64 bits during loads

Solution: Disable Ultra Violence, decrease graphic quality.

  • Saves disappearing / Character disappearing (PATCHED)

Some players experienced resets of their progress in quests, or loss of the characters.

Solution: Start EYE with admin rights

  • Commotion bug (PATCHED)

Even with Gen4 BioRegeneration researched, players can still suffer a commotion and its after-effects from the use of the PSI Power Triangular Gate.

If the player holds down their Primary Attack key while holding a melee weapon (not dual w/ handgun) they will raise the weapon and it will start to charge. If the player clicks the Aim/Parry/Alt Fire key and then releases Primary Attack, the weapons will stay in a raised stance. This can give the player a better look at the moving eye on the hilt of the Katana.

In some zones or situations the players ability to research might cease to function (for example after a zone change or after completing another research item).

Solution: Move to another zone or restart the game.

More of an exploit than a bug, selecting a research then switching to the Stats tab starts the previously selected research at no cost.

  • Quick Actions Shortcuts disappear (PATCHED)

When tabbing out, the quick selection wheel is cleared of all actions and has to be reassigned.

Solution: Play in Windowed Mode, but do not press ESC before you alt-tab.

  • Weapon Keys not working (PATCHED)

The slot1, slot2, slot3, slot4, slot5 and slot6 CVars do not work. To switch weapons you will need to use invnext/invprev/lastinv.

  • Sprinting Underwater

While submerged underwater, sprinting is impossible. However, pressing the sprint key while above water and holding it after submersion will result in significantly faster swimming, as if sprinting.

  • Grenade Sprites

The glowing sprites that trail behind grenades are often visible through walls. This can occasionally result in confusion as to whether you will be shielded from a blast or not.

  • Grenade Weapon Slot

The weapon slot for grenades will not be removed if you run out of grenades, nor if you remove it from your inventory. This can be temporarily resolved by disconnecting and then reconnecting.

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