GCTG 222
Pic 222
Cost3222 B
Minimum Requirement22 Agility
50 Accuracy
Weapon TypeHeavy Handgun
Caliber222 BK
RecoilVery Heavy Recoil
Firing ModesSemi-Automatic
Expected AccuracyGood
Rate of fireSlow
ZoomHolographic Sight, Zoom x1

High Damage
Wall Piercing

Space Occupied2x2


The 222 is a good middle ground between the Black Crow and the Bear Killer, thanks to its marginally larger cylinder capacity and shorter reload time over the BK 444 and its vastly improved damage over the Black Crow. The 222 cannot be used with a melee weapon such as the Damocles or Dual Katanas.

The 222 is very powerful, capable of killing most humanoid enemies in a single headshot or, at most, three body or limb shots. It also features a holographic sight and a scope, allowing for slightly improved accuracy compared to other handguns. Although it excels as an anti-infantry weapon, it is somewhat worthless against large enemies such as the Deus Ex or the Interceptor due to its lack of armor-piercing rounds.

It should be noted that the 222 is one of the smallest guns in the game, occupying only 2x2 squares in the inventory.


"Croon tried to create an equivalent of the 444 Bear Killer with this six-bullet cylinder pistol, created at the beginning of the Technological Middle Ages. It has been a failure, but the result is a very easy-to-use weapon, with a good fire power, a great accuracy and a lower recoil compared to the 444.

At the time of its creation, the 222 was especially used by police officers and also by some criminals. It currently equips the federal police along with the BK13. Some military officers also use this pistol as their secondary weapon; the last-chance weapon. It could be able to kill a Carnophage with a single bullet."