Jaghurta is a member of the Federation whom the player encounters inside a building during the Noctis Labyrinthus mission on Mars. The player may interact with Jaghurta, whereupon he will invite the player to join the Federation and wipe out the Secreta.

Interactions Edit

"Hail to you, member of the Secreta! I heard you were in the vicinity, and I've been waiting for you!" - Jaghurta, upon first speaking with the player.
When the player first meets Jaghurta, he greets the player warmly, admitting that he had been observing the player for a while. A few moments later, he reveals his purpose of recruiting the player to join the Federation. At this moment, the player can do one of two actions - continue on with the conversation and join with the Federation, or refuse Jaghurta's offer and continue aiding Rimanah/Mentor. If the player should accept Jaghurta's offer, the mission will end immediately after the conversation has ended.

Notes Edit

  • Should the player select the first option when accepting Jaghurta's offer, he will become suspicious of the player and attack after the conversation has ended.
  • Accepting Jaghurta's offer is the first step in the Federation ending. Refusing the offer/killing Jaghurta will prevent the player from continuing on this ending.

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