Jian Shang Di
E.Y.E Jian Soldier


Group of psi-cybernetic warrior monks


The Temple


New Eden

The Jian Shang Di is one of the two organizations composed of psi-cybernetic warrior monks that make up E.Y.E.


They are dedicated to protect humanity from the metastreumonic forces, as well as the obligation to accomplish any orders of the Secreta Secretorum(much like the Culter Dei). The Jian Shang Di members wear armor that takes inspiration from Feudal Asia , with the ring on their helmets being artistically directly taken from that of the Japanese Samurai. However the rest of their armour seems to be driven from that of Mainland Asia/Eastern Countries, with their helmets resembling that of Burmese culture and their face-masks of Feudal Eastern Helms. In general however it seems that inspiration for the Jian Shang Di was taken from that of Feudal Asia(with their names being of typical Chinese Origin)

They are opposed to their sister faction, the Culter Dei. Internal power struggles aside, the Jian Shang Di do everything within their power to support the final goal of Secreta Secretorum; To execute a coup in order to remove the Federation from power.

Notable membersEdit

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