K.A 93
Pic ka93
Weapon TypeAssault Rifle
Caliber12.7 KA
Firing ModesSemi-Automatic
Expected AccuracyGood
Rate of fireFast
ZoomHolographic Sight

High Damage
Wall Piercing

# of clips / slot3
Space Occupied2x4


A fairly typical assault rifle, the K.A is a well-balanced weapon that is effective in virtually all situations against the majority of enemies. In semi-automatic mode the K.A. 93 is granted a fair enough degree of accuracy to snipe with, while its fully automatic firing mode makes it good for mowing down foes at close to medium range. Even against heavily armored foes, a few shots to the head will put them down quickly enough. Be warned that the recoil is fairly high; crouch before firing to minimize its effect.


"Powerful, low cost and extreme reliability are the words used by the amateurs of this legendary rifle from the Dark Ages. This weapon was used in these times by all armed forces without money; rebels, terrorists, and also many criminal groups. It was also paradoxically used by many special forces' members during that era. The KA93 is a robust and efficient weapon despite its weight, its size and its heavy recoil that would demotivate many fighters. It is still a very common weapon, used by the federal forces even though Croon and Vindico are trying to make the federation abandon this weapon in profit of theirs."


  • The K.A 93 Assault Rifle may have been inspired by the actual Bushmaster ACR Assault Rifle.
  • It also may resemble the rifle used by Batou in Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence during the attack on Locus Solus, as they look almost identical. The rifle used in GitS lacks EOTech-like looking sight and outfitted with ironsights instead.