Dual katanas
Weapon TypeMelee

High RoF
Armor Piercing
Dual w/ Handgun (Dual BK13, 444 Bear killer)

Space Occupied1x4

The dual katanas is actually your Facere Mortis, the default weapon, wielded along with a high-tech wakizashi on the left hand. The wakizashi lacks the reptilian eye on the hilt.


Nothing is known about this specific wakizashi apart that it is forged by the Holy Forge. Globally, a wakizashi is a type of Japanese sword with a blade length between 30 and 60 cm similar to but shorter than a katana. The wakizashi was usually not a primary weapon for samurai and was often worn together with the katana. The pairing of a katana with a wakizashi is called the daishō.


The dual katanas allow faster attacks compared to using only the Facere Mortis. When charged by holding down the left mouse button, the Facere Mortis keep its red aura and the wakizashi takes a yellow aura which does critical damage for each.


  • Like others melee weapons, holding down the right mouse button create a PSI shield to block both enemy melee attacks and bullets at the cost of energy, though the player can continue to block even if energy is depleted but the PSI shield will not appear.
  • Attacking an unaware target from behind will result in a "backstab" which will instantly kill the target.
  • When equipped with the Dual BK13 or the 444 Bear killer AND the Dual Katanas, the wakizashi can be wielded with them to dual wield.
  • It is possible to block with the sword while dual wielding with a pistol by pressing the Secondary Attack while backpedaling.

Trivia Edit

  • The Wakizashi is not a primary weapon, but when wielding a sword and gun in EYE, you use the wakizashi as the primary melee weapon. (You can tell by the lack of repitilian eye)