Madness is an Injury that results from the player's Mental Balance meter being depleted from the stress of frequent damage in a short span of time. It lasts for a few minutes. Madness causes the player's vision to become distorted, plus other effects depending on the type. There are 5 types of Madness:

  • Paranoia: Player shoots uncontrollably.
  • Inhibition: Player can't shoot firearms, can only use melee weapons.
  • Paralyzing Terror: Player is unable to move.
  • Visual Hallucinations: Player sees constant explosions that are not actually happening and visions of dead characters.
  • Auditory Hallucinations: Player hears voices and sounds that don't exist.

Psi PowerEdit

This power causes the target to attack nearby allies. The target will remain under this influence until killed either by you or its allies. If there are no allies for it to attack it will attack you. In order to use this power you must have the aiming reticule on the target's body, if it isn't energy will still be consumed and nothing will happen.