The Manduco is a creature of the Metastreumonic-force. It's the first enemy encountered in the game in the Strange Cave after a part of the wall collapses.


The Manduco is a roughly human-sized, six limbed creature possessing incredible strength and speed. Their colors can be red, blue or yellow. They have a vaguely humanoid head with four fully-grown arms (the two on the top having orange glowing scars and can create fireballs) and two tiny arms around the stomach.

Based on the Research Project Manduco Corpses, they are human beings who have cerebral functions that work very low and who are animated by a strange killing hatred.

From Orionos, the Manduco can be the reflection of the hidden self which also serves as the incarnation of cannibalism, some perverted mutation of mankind or the first miners exposed to the Metastreumonic-force.


They are not very resistant to damage but are very fast and will attempt to rush and overwhelm their prey. At melee range, they are very dangerous, so it's better to kill them from a distance or kill them quickly with a melee weapon. They can also throw fireballs as a ranged attack with their two top arms which cause damage and can knock over turrets.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Manduco design was probably inspired by the genestealers from the 1987 science fantasy series Warhammer 40,000. This is reinforced by the factory mission which closely represents the Warhammer 40,000 game "Space Hulk" in which swarms of genestealers attack a small squad of elite heavily armored Space Marines in the narrow metal corridors of a gargantuan starship.