Pic motra
Cost5200 B
Minimum Requirement35 Agility
40 Accuracy
Weapon TypeSubmachine Gun
Caliber10mm AP
Firing ModesSemi-Automatic
Full Automatic
Expected AccuracyGood
Rate of fireFast
ZoomHolographic Sight
Zoom x1

Wall Piercing

Space Occupied2x3


The Motra is capable of fitting into a leg slot, and is one of only two silenced weapons in the game (the other being the B.O.S.C.O Rifle). That aside, it is not much different in most regards from the K.A 93. With an average magazine size, modest damage, decent accuracy and a zoom function, there is not much about this weapon that stands out. However, given that the Motra is silenced and has the ability to shoot through certain walls, it may make an ideal ambush weapon for players with the Sensitive Wave implant. It is one of the most common weapons used by players using it in tandem with a more specialized weapon.

The Motra has two firing modes, the primary mode being fully automatic with good damage output and a quite good accuracy. The secondary mode enables semi-automatic fire which allows the gun to fire single shots with increased accuracy, allowing the Motra to function like a silenced sniper rifle.


"When this submachine gun was launched, during the Dark Ages, Vindico created the surprise by being better than Croon on its own familiar ground. The Motra combines power, thanks to its high caliber, and accuracy. The weapon is also very compact. This weapon has known a large success among of the security services and among Special Forces. Now it is used by federal Special Forces, and also by the federal police. Many terrorists and rebels groups use it for their missions."