The Scrabouillor, also called Scrab is a multi-purpose mid-air hovering security and patrol robot used by E.Y.E, the Federation and Looters.


The Scrabouillor is a multi-purpose robot that uses a very quiet propulsion system to stealthily approach its target. It has a rectangular shield on each side in the front and a left hand equipped with a submachine gun or a laser rifle. It can also record messages.

It is small, fast and highly resistant to damage from conventional weapons and can be dangerous in close-combat. It's preferable to deal with it from a distance and with an Armor Piercing weapon like anti-vehicle weapons or explosive weapons. It also often attack in groups combined with other Scrabouillors or its organic masters.


  • The player by using Hacking can reconfigure Scrabouillors to make them allies.
  • The player can buy a Scrabouillor in the Temple from Azazelis for 36650 brouzoufs (requires 40 Strength, 25 Agility and 45 Hacking) and equip it after from an Armory.