Spiculum Ovum
Pic ovum
Minimum Requirement45 Strength
40 Agility
55 Accuracy
Weapon TypeGrenade Launcher
Caliber40 mm
Firing ModesSemi-Automatic
Expected AccuracyGood
Rate of fireSlow
ZoomTactical Sight
Damages230-320 +area

High Damage
Area Damage

# of clips / slot1
Space Occupied3x5


The Spiculum Ovum is a fairly accurate grenade launcher as its grenades fly in an almost straight line after being launched. Similar to the kinder grenade, the ovum rounds are proximity detonated (within roughly 3 meters). The Ovum rounds will stick to any map surface without bouncing. Three clips or 18 grenades can be fired before one automatically detonates. It's important to note that the proximity detonator does not differentiate between friend or foe, and in addition, launched grenades can be detonated by other explosions or other grenades. As such, it should be handled with extreme care and awareness of the grenades' impact spots to avoid unintentional detonations as well as use in close quarters.

The weapon features a fully automatic secondary mode and is not as effective as armor piercing weapons in damaging heavy enemies.


"As often with the Forge, no historic elements could have been retrieved concerning the date of creation of this automatic grenade launcher. We simply know that it has been massively used during bloody conflicts making the Dark Ages, outdoing Vindico's models, which had, at that time, the supremacy for that kind of weapons.

The superiority of this weapon is largely based on its rate of fire, the power of its shells, and also the accuracy of its shots, even with indirect shots. Because of its weight and power, it is mainly found among federal shock troops."


  • "Spiculum ovum" translates roughly to "egg dart" in Latin.