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The Substitution Gate is a PSI ability that, once cast, will affect a single target. That target will then take damage whenever it hits the caster and the caster will be healed whenever the target takes damage. The move is dangerous to use, however, as it has the chance to give fatal wounds to the caster upon use.

How to unlock itEdit

It can be obtained by joining the Federals on the Mars level. To do this, move to the closest building on the right during the Mars campaign level at the area that requires you to investigate three of the four buildings in the area. Hack the door to get inside and speak with the Federal inside. He will give you an offer to join the federation. Don't accept too readily, but don't refuse either. This will end the mars mission and send you to another location, which will then send you to another mission.

In said mission, you must convince multiple messengers of Secreta that you and a turncoat named Cyrus are not actually traitors. You can choose to kill them, or to assist Cyrus doing the hacking job. Afterwards, you will be given an extraction point where a looter, Balthazar, will be waiting for you. Play along with his odd stories to get interesting information and, finally, the Substitution Gate.