The Temple is a large structure that serves as headquarters to the E.Y.E. organization. It is where the player is transported to between most chapters, and contains the following resources:

  • Medical center, where new abilities can be purchased.
  • Armory, where new weapons can be purchased.
  • Archives, where the history of the in-game universe can be learned.
  • Training Room, where weapons can be tested (though weapons can be tested anywhere).
  • Multiple mobile armories, where available weapons can be loaded into the player's inventory.
  • Entrances to all levels already beaten.
  • Friendly characters to speak to.

The player can spawn in the Temple at any time using the game's ESC menu, which leaves the current mission as if quitting the game. It can also be loaded instead of the campaign at game load.

When at the Temple between missions, it contains characters the player must speak to in order to proceed to the next mission, such as the Mentor and Commander.

Taking an entrance to a level previously beaten causes random objectives to appear, and frequent enemy spawns. The player can earn a lot of extra Brouzouf and experience by spending time running around these levels and killing enemies, so they can upgrade their character, do research, and purchase weapons, to become better prepared to continue the campaign.

Friendly characters can be killed in the Temple, but after firing on the first friendly character, the others will attack you on sight. Respawning will reset all characters and make them friendly again. Killing friendlies still earns the player Brouzouf and experience. Many high-class characters are in the Temple, so lower-ranking players may have a hard time staying alive in that situation.