Weapons are tools used in order to inflict damage to living creatures, mechanical machines and infrastructures.

A wide variety of weapons can be purchased from the merchants in the Temple or they have to be researched in order to be obtained first.

Weapons are lethal armament used in self defense.

Melee Handguns SMG Guns Shotguns Sniper Rifles Assault Rifles Heavy Extra
Basic Katana 444 Bear killer HS 010 Betty Boom B.O.S.C.O K.A 93 Excidium Sentry
Damocles BK 13 (Dual) Motra Depezador TRK A.D Rotten Mound Sulfatum Kinder Grenade
Arrancadora Black Crow CAW Hammer Hunting Machine S6000 Spiculum Ovum Scrabouillor
Katanas (Dual) GCTG 222 Medkit
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